by Synaesthete

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released May 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Synaesthete Detroit, Michigan

Synaesthete is a collaborative studio project from Steve Bauer and Jesse Lalla based out of the Greater Detroit area of Michigan.

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Track Name: Xenos
A sudden change in levels
Altering my subjective experience
My eyes dilate and my consciousness expands
Unexpected brightness consumes my vision (clouded visions)
I no longer feel myself
A journey begins
Direction no longer exists
Navigating by intrigue alone
A world once well known is now a mystery
Transcending schematic cognition
Awareness transforming
Evolution of knowledge
Vital reflections
Forsaken principles
An idea is born from darkness
Blazing a path to universal truth
Linear progression interrupted
Track Name: Enigma
Cold rationality warmed in a chemical hearth
Inseparable pathways
Devoid of any indication of conjoinment
Longing for inclusion
Shattered by epiphany
Parallel images shifting in revolution
Vital idiosyncrasies exposed
Converting cybernetic loops
Autocatalytic networks
From abiogenic origins
Spontaneous generation of life
From abiogenic origins
A system of immense complexity
Autocatalytic networks initiate primordial progression
Organic anomaly of incalculable proportions
Chronological chaos becomes unmasked
Beautifully veiled
Infinitely enigmatic
Parallel images shifting in revolution
Cosmic rays separate organic matter
Resonating orbital patterns shifting in revolution
Track Name: Infinite
A labyrinth of existential succession
Interwoven correlation of elements
Forming a gestalt of untold supremacy
Galactic sequences
Unbound from the physical realm
A vast expanse of information is swiftly granted
A century's enlightenment in mere moments
From the zenith an extragalactic observer watches
The majestic unification of ideals and reality
New sentient beings formulate by neural activity
Integrity of biochemical structure compromised by solar winds
Obliterate the heliosphere
In the mind of one live the minds of all
Tides diverged
Through singularity
A once luminous realm is reduced to penumbra